Aries : Aries is rule by Mars, Sun is exalted in this sign, Saturn is debilitated. Persons born under this sign possess lean and muscular body, middle stature, long face and neck, broad head and narrow chin. They have bushy eye brow, rough or wiry hair. Arians are ambitious, rash in temper and of aggressive nature. They enjoy good health and have power of resistance for the diseases. Arians are not meant for amassing wealth. They are impulsive in action, extremely frank and enthusiastic in love. They are good friends and excellent hosts. Love their home and family. Professions connected with Army, Chemist, Police, Machines, Industry or Medical best suite them..

Taurus : Taurus is ruled by Venus. Moon is exalted in this sign. Person born in this sign are of robust and healthy appearance, normally of medium height or somewhat below average. The bodily structure is typically thick, stocky and squarish. In a physical sense, they tend to very much resemble their zodiac mascot, the Bull. Taurus natives have a natural ability to develop and maintain wealth. These are reliable and loyal souls who are easy to get along with and make good team players. Those born under the sign are fearless, kind and very magnanimous when not irritated. They are generous, and opt to load themselves with the burden and sorrows of others. Profession connected with independent business – textile, vehicles, plastic paints, sale of fancy goods, production of ladies dress materials, jewelry shops and hotel.

Gemini : Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Persons born under this sign are usually slender in built and of average height, or slightly taller. Gemini features are finely chiseled with soft and pleasing proportions. The eyes are light in color with extraordinary dark and long lashes. The overlook look of Gemini individual is quick, moving and sharp. Gemini are said to have a dual nature, as symbolized by twins. This duality also represents exchange and interaction i.e. exchange of ideas, communication and trade. They are adaptable, versatile, intellectual, communicative, spontaneous, eloquent and youthful. Profession connected with journalist, engineers, analytical studies, talk show host, and public relation tour guide.

Cancer : Cancer is ruled by Moon. Jupiter is exalted in this sign, mars is debilitated. Person born under this sign have a moderate stature, thick neck and round face. They are social and love enjoyment. They are dutiful and virtuous and have respect for spiritual guards. They are home birds. They are very sensitive and take the things personally. If when they are hurt they go hysterical. Extremely initiative and imaginative these natives make designers and artists. Professions best suit them are hotel, bakery, animal husbandry, tea or coffee business.

Leo : Leo is ruled by Sun, the king of all planets. Leo is also known as the royal sign of the zodiac. Persons born under this sign possess longer face with firm bones. They have beautiful eyes full of passion. They are straight forward, speak truth and often express others with their elegance. They are proud souls who place courage and personal honesty. These natives welcome both authority and responsibility. It is the Leo strength of well energy and vigor which makes natives one of the best types to lead in the world. They have great administrative talents. Such natives are civil servants, politicians, ministers, chief executives, gold jewelers, fireman, forest officer etc trades best suit them.

Virgo : Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is exalted in this sign, Venus is debilited. Persons born under this sign have glow of beauty and softness on their face. They are stable but flexible. Virgos can be too critical of others, they can accurately analyze situations and see reasonable actions for improvement. Virgos are neat, clean and fussy about how things should be done. They are analytical by nature and often value all sorts of systems. They are reliable, practical and task-oriented, do well in methodical, analytical jobs such as those in information technology and accounting

Libra : Libra is ruled by Venus. Saturn is exalted in this sign and Sun is debilitated. Libra is the sign to be represented by an inanimate object – The Scale. The natives of Libra are the very personification of refinement and affection. They are calm person though aware of the worldly bustles did manage to link with spirituality. They are fun and peace loving individual. They have strong ethics, and differentiate what is wrong and right. They are the perfect host of any social gathering. They love to taste every tits and bits of life but do not compromise in any terms. Profession connected with – advocates, beauticians, fashion designing, fashion models, interior decorators, air hostess, cinema and TV artists, perfume and costly and costly garment business.

Scorpio : Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Moon is debilitated in this sign. Persons born in under this sign have charming physique, well shaped thighs and feet. They posses a magnetism in their personality. They are determined, ambitious and very clear about their goals in their life. They are secretive by nature. Their plans and strategies to achieve their goals are generally hidden and not known to everybody. Profession best suit to them are surgery, research, investigation, defense, detective, entrepreneurs, journalists, scientific, chemist and archeologist.

Capricorn : Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Mars is exalted in this sign and Jupiter is debilitated. They are
tall, lean, stiff all over body, bid head and big neck. They are strong willed, ambitious, determined, reliable, careful and disciplined person. They have knack of adjusting to circumstances, respects sympathy and generosity. They are philanthropic and have good organizing skills. They suffer wind diseases, allergic to cold and indolent. Professions best suit to them are public works, farmer, civil servants, builder, marine product, water goods and responsible executive jobs.

Sagittarious : Sagittarious are dynamic, jovial, optimist, versatile, open and fair mended. They are enterprising, energetic, god fearing, honest and humble. They are religious, inspiring and sacrificing nature. They hate external show and hypocrisy. Typhoid, liver disorders, nervous breakdown etc diseases trouble them. Profession connected with councilor, adviser, teachers, priests, physicians, army commanders, medicine, librarian and astrologer.

Aquarious : Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Persons born under this sign are handsome, fair looking with dark hair. They have attractive appearance, elegant disposition, fleshy lips, broad cheeks and large body like a pitcher. They are humanitarians, independent, friendly, inventive and loyal. They leave an indelible impression wherever they go. They suffer due to nervous disorder, anemia, dropsy and backbone diseases. Profession connected with astronomer, archeologist, computer programmer, electrical engineer, inventor, pilot, radiographer and fire service etc.

Pisces : Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Venus gets exalted in this sign and Mercury is debilitated. Persons born under this sign are fair, stout and of middle sized height. They have lustrous face, large head, beautiful eyes, full and chubby figure & broad belly. They are religious, god fearing, learned and superstitious. They are inclined to change and travel, emotional and psychic nature. They are shy but hospitable and helpful. Lungs, digestion problems, TB, tumors, boils, drug addiction forgetfulness etc diseases can be seen with Pisces person. Professions connected with – hospital, nursing, spiritual healer, caterer, refreshments, shipping boats, navy and international traders etc.